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SOC Specialist

PSOCS certification offers a comprehensive understanding of Physical Security Operations Centre management, covering critical areas to fortify security strategies. The certification has a proven track record, empowering industry professionals with specialized

SOC Specialist
SOC Specialist

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Location is TBD

About the event

Certification Overview by CRISMAXX:

  • CRISMAXX's Security Operations Centre (SOC) certification comprehensively covers all aspects of SOC management.

Differences Between Operational Centers:

  • Command Centre: Focuses on operational control, resource management, and logistics.
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC): Primarily monitors and responds to security threats and incidents.
  • Emergency Operations Centre (EOC): Manages emergencies and coordinates responses during crises.

Certification Details:

  • Duration: A concentrated two-day course followed by a post-course written assignment.
  • Assessment: Successful completion leads to the PSOCS (Physical Security Operations Centre Specialist) Certification.

Industry Impact:

  • CRISMAXX's certification has been successfully received by numerous industry professionals across diverse organizations.

Course Coverage:

  • SOC Fundamentals: Protocols, functions, and best practices.
  • OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence): Utilizing publicly available information for intelligence gathering.
  • HUMINT (Human Intelligence): Intelligence collection through human interactions.
  • Intelligence and Actionable Intelligence: Transforming data into actionable insights.
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance: Techniques for monitoring and evading detection.
  • Access Control: Managing entry and exit points for heightened security.
  • Duress Handling: Responding effectively to threats and high-stress situations.
  • Travel Risk Management: Mitigating risks during travel.
Integration into Regular Operations

Training Emphasis:

  • Strategies to seamlessly integrate SOC methodologies into day-to-day operations.
  • Practical scenarios illustrating the application of SOC practices in various operational contexts.
  • Aligning SOC principles with existing security protocols for enhanced effectiveness.
Qualities of SOC Employees

Desirable Attributes:

  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Effective communication and teamwork abilities.
  • Adaptability and quick decision-making under pressure.
  • Attention to detail and vigilance in monitoring.

CRISMAXX's PSOCS certification not only imparts specialized knowledge but also emphasizes the integration of SOC practices into routine operations. The program ensures professionals possess the necessary skills and understanding to fortify security measures within their organizations while fostering the traits essential for efficient SOC employees.


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